About 5,000 trucks queuing at Belarusian border awaiting entry into EU

Dec 07, 2021

Minsk (Belarus), December 7: On Monday, the State Border Committee of Belarus told the media that the number of trucks at the Belarusian border waiting to enter the EU has increased by 20 percent over the weekend and reached 4,840 trucks.
According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, the number of trucks waiting to cross the border has increased due to the fact that the European control services did not fulfill the agreements on the passage of transport.
The committee noted that the most difficult situation has developed on the border with Lithuania, as there are 2,260 trucks in the queue. The capacity of the functioning border crossings with Poland is only 70 percent of the agreed amount of transport, which is due to the closure of the border crossing "Kuznitsa Bialystokskaya" by Poland. "Kuznitsa Bialystokskaya" is connected with the "Bruzgi" checkpoint, where the refugees have gathered. 1,470 trucks are waiting in line to enter Poland.
The remaining 1,110 trucks lined up to enter Latvia. There were no delays in the passage of trucks in this direction. However, due to the closure of other border crossings, some trucks were headed in that direction and got stuck in a queue at the border.
Due to the migration crisis at the borders of Belarus with EU countries, the capacity of border crossings of freight transport has been limited, and trucks often queue at border checkpoints for several days.
Source: Xinhua