Army organises medical camp in border village of Poonch

Aug 24, 2019

Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Aug 24 (ANI): The army on Saturday organised a medical camp in the border village of KG Sector here which was well received by the locals as large number of people came in for check-ups.
"The army had informed everyone in the area that they are going to organise a medical camp here today. Around two to three thousand people have come here. We are getting free check-ups and medicine," said Hidayatullah, a resident of RK Sector who came to the medical camp.
A large number of people were seen lined up at the camp.
"Whatever assistance we get in the region, it is by the army. They have provided ambulances for medical emergencies in the area, they help us construct local infrastructure, we get free medicine and treatment at the army hospitals. The army personnel are always very helpful to us," Hidayatullah said.
Locals expressed their gratitude towards the army personnel and commended them for always helping them.
"The army is doing great work by giving medical care to ill people. My mother, brother and sister have also come to the camp. We are very thankful," said Chandra Subir, who came to the camp along with his family.
Another local said that the army organises at least two or three medical camps in the area every year.
"We get all the assistance we can get from the army. Every year, the army organises at least two or three medical camps in this area. People come here from faraway places. The army personnel also help us in case of medical emergencies and provide ambulances, etc," said the local, Pinki Sharma. (ANI)