At least 6 dead, 1 missing after ship sinks in Brazil

Oct 17, 2021

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Oct 17: At least six people died and another one is missing after a ship sank in the Paraguay River in the central-western Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, local authorities reported on Saturday.
The event occurred on Friday afternoon when a strong wind caused the sinking of the ship, which was carrying 21 people, mostly tourists, who had left Rio Verde in Goias state on Oct. 8.
The six victims were all men, four of whom belonged to the same family.
The boat was about 10 kilometers from the city of Corumba and 14 of the people on board were able to swim to safety.
Rescue teams found five bodies on Saturday, in addition to one body found on Friday night. Another person is still missing.
According to the Brazilian Navy, when the ship sank, there were winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour in the area.
Source: Xinhua

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