Microsoft to add a free built-in VPN to its Edge browser

May 01, 2022

New Delhi, May 01 (ANI): Microsoft has announced that it is working on adding a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to its Edge web browser. Apparently, the VPN would be directly available in the browser as an in-built feature and it will be available to all users for free. As revealed by a Microsoft support page, the feature has been added and implemented to improve security and privacy. Called as 'Edge Secure Network,' Microsoft is currently testing the Cloudflare-powered VPN service, claiming it will roll out to the public as a part of its security upgrade, reports The Verge. To use the feature, users will be prompted to sign in to or create a Microsoft Account. A solid shield icon would then appear in the browser frame, indicating that the Edge Secure Network has now been turned on. Once the browser is closed, the feature will turn off.